MRT Robotics 301 Course + Robot Set

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Online Course + Robot Set

1. Online Course detail:

a. Online Course sample images:

b. Total 103 + lessons

New lessons(Robot manual, STEM Theory, Coding, etc) are keeping adding and updating.


c. 70 Robot manual + coding lessons

(Little car, Frog, Fly, Tractor, I-road motorbike, Hirobo helicopter, Touch sensor little car, Touch sensor little car, Crab, Octopus, Pirate ship, Fishing rod, Cable car, Snake, Sea Snake, LED excavator, Merry-go-round, Roulette-bot, Bumper car, Clock, Fan, Soccer bot, Micro oven, ATM, Washing machine, Car, Serving robot, Mixer, Robot arm, Gattling gun, Armored vehicle, F6 Fighter, Battleship, Battleship, Crane, Escalator)


d. 6 Robotics lessons(Animation, Movie)

(301 brain mainboard 01 overviews, 301 brain mainboard 02 card cording, 301 brain mainboard 03 touch sensor coding, 301 brain mainboard 04 IR sensor coding, 301 brain mainboard 05 Remote Control coding, 301 brain mainboard 06 Multi-sensor coding)


e. 27 + STEM Theory lessons(Animation, Movie)

(what is a robot?, computer, machine 1, machine 2, gear, led sensor, motor, IR sensor, remote control  1, remote control  2, animal robot, humanoid, touch sensor, cable and Battery, software, coding, conditional statement, repetitive statement, sequential structure, flowchart, truss structure, electricity, scales and weight, earth rotation, temperature-solids-liquids and gases, magnets, leverage, elastic force)


2. Robot Set detail:

a. Robot Parts images:

MRT301-TITLE-partlistMRT301-BIG-BLOCK-parts list MRT301-BUSH-SHAFT-CARDS-parts list MRT301-CONNECTORS-parts list MRT301-electronic-parts list MRT301-gear-wheel-parts list

b. Educational Area of Focus:

  • – Good for Primary School Robotics
    – STEM education kit increasing creativity, imagination, and hand-on ability
    – Un-plugged computer science programming: First programming practice with  coding options cards and card reader
    – Coding with more sensors and electronic parts, students can build various robot models in a fun way

c. Coding Card Sample:

coding-option-cards coding-option-cards-delay coding-option-cards-input coding-option-cards-speedcoding-option-cards-led

d. Parts Detail:

  • – Material: Eco-friendly ABS various blocks + Electronic Components
  • – Powered By: AA x 4 (Not Included)
  • – Package Dimensions: 43 x 31 x 10cm (depends on packaging)
  • – Package Weight: 5000g (depends on the packaging)
  • – 3 x Triaxis D/C Motor
  • – 1 x Mainboard (Speaker, R/C module, 4inputs and 4 outputs)
  • – Sensors(IR, Touch, LED, Mic)
  • – Coding Card Scanners with Coding Cards
  • – Total 277 Various Blocks and parts

e. Mainboard:


f. Robot Images:


g. Shipping and delivery information

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