MRT Robotics 101 Course

$100.00 $60.00 per 365 days

Courses Included

60 Robot manual lessons

30 + STEM Theory and Coding lessons: 

* Once your children get used to MRT Robotics 101 course and parts, children can create many own creative robots.

* New lessons(Robot manual, STEM Theory, Coding, etc) are keeping adding and updating.

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Online Course sample images:

Total lessons: 92 +

New lessons(Robot manual, STEM Theory, Coding, etc) are keeping adding and updating.


60 Robot manual lessons

(Desk, Chair, TV, Sofa, Wardrobe, Fan, Bridge, Goat, Seesaw, Slide, Birdcage, Magnifying glass, 3D spectacles, Microscope, Forceps, Expandable arm, Cow, Triceratops, Pterosaurs, Stegosaurus, Octopuses(small), Octopuses(Big), Whale, Crab, Car, Trolley01, Trolley02, Barrier gate, Dog, Fish, Guitar, Violin, Music triangle, Piano, Piano chair, Grandmother phone, Snake, Monkey, Snail, Frog, Temperature, Oven, Mixer, Rabbit, Tortoise, Table football, Goalkeeper, Topspin, Telephone, Radio, Mars rover, Space ship, Satellite, Solar system, Ant, Grasshopper, Gear left & gear right, Dragonfly, Beetle, Centipede, Cat)


3 Robotics lessons(Animation, Movie)

(101 mainboard overview, input and output,  101 Goma mainboard)


27 + STEM Theory lessons(Animation, Movie)

(what is a robot?, computer, machine 1, machine 2, gear, led sensor, motor, IR sensor, remote control  1, remote control  2, animal robot, humanoid, touch sensor, cable and Battery, software, coding, conditional statement, repetitive statement, sequential structure, flowchart, truss structure, electricity, scales and weight, earth rotation, temperature-solids-liquids and gases, magnets, leverage, elastic force)


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